BENTISM Commercial Can Opener Manual Industrial Can Opener 15.7"H Stainless Steel

BENTISM Commercial Can Opener Manual Industrial Can Opener 15.7"H Stainless Steel

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Product Description

23.2-inch Commercial Can Opener
Opening cans can be a tiring and uncomfortable job . but it doesn't have to be. Our commercial can opener will take all the effort out of a once exhausting task to dramatically speed up your prep times. The 18.9-inch-long bar has a height adjustment range of 9.8 inches. Two mounting ways give you more choices to fix it on your workbench. It opens cans of various sizes in a breeze . making this item a versatile kitchen essential.
Efficient Cutting
The knife adopts rust & corrosion-proof stainless steel (3Cr13Mo) . sharp enough to speed up your can-opening efficiency. A spare one for replacement is also provided. About 7 cans opened per minute.
2 Mounting Ways
Two mounting ways are available to tighten this can opener to your prep table. The base is designed with screw holes for fixing. You can also clamp it on your table edge. Max. Table Thickness: 2.4 in / 6 cm.
7.9" Adjustment Range
The bar is 23.2 in / 59 cm in length . which can be freely lifted or lowered to adjust the cutting height. The adjustment range is 9.8 in / 25 cm . suitable for cans up to 15.7 in / 40 cm high.
Labor-Saving Handle
The ergonomic rotary handle complies with the lever principle . offering a secure grip that makes your can-opening work effortless. Rotate it clockwise . and the cans will be perfectly opened in seconds.
Light-Weight & Durable
This tabletop can opener is designed for heavy-duty use. All the parts are constructed of rust & corrosion-proof stainless steel . boosting its longevity. While it only weighs 3.3 lbs / 1.5 kg.


Model: VV-CO-4059
Body Material: Stainless Steel
Knife Material: Stainless Steel (3Cr13Mo)
Opening Efficiency: 7 PCS/min
Bar Length: 23.2 in / 59 cm
Handle Length: 6.9 in / 17.5 cm
Base Size: 10x4.4 in / 25.5x11.2 cm
Compatible Can Height: ≤15.7 in / 40 cm
Compatible Can Weight: 3.3 lbs / 1.5 kg
Compatible Can Thickness: 0.02 in / 0.4 mm
Max. Tabletop Thickness: 2.4 in / 6 cm
Product Weight: 4.0 lbs / 1.8 kg

Package Content

1 x Commercial Can Opener
1 x Knife for Replacement
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