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Our wellness blog offers wellness tips and resources to help you feel and look your best.

Vibrant Honey Necklace

18 Karat Gold Plated Necklace

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This is a sacred place where you will find resources to help you elevate your mind, body, & soul.

What Our Customers Have To Say:

"Mesmerizing. I couldn't have found a more perfect candle! The soothing yet inspiring scent is exactly what I needed for evenings and late nights working from home. I highly recommend!"


"This candle is charming. The most potent out of the collection of candles that I have purchased. It's great for relaxing the environment and cultivating a peaceful and sensual environment. I suggest wholeheartedly!"


Seriously my new favorite candle. It smells amazing! When I light it my entire living room smells so good, it’s very clear that quality wax and oils were used. Super recommend!


One of my favorite candles and fragrances ever! These candles burn amazing and the scent is mesmerizing. I like to burn this one in particular next to my bed before I fall asleep. It’s really soothing and calming. Highly recommend trying!


First off, this is the prettiest candle in my collection, HANDS down! This Pink Essence candle smells so fresh and vibrant, yet soothing, it truly is a unique and very enjoyable scent (my husband asked what was burning & that’s how you KNOW it’s good!!!) Love the 45 hour burn time and it burns evenly! I am VERY impressed!!!


Definitely recommend this candle! Smells so good and even when not sparked it has a very strong scent that changes the vibe as soon as you step in the room. Perfect scent to wake up to and fall asleep to.


Vibrant Honey Necklace

The first-ever and original Vibrant Honey necklace. 18 Karat Gold Plated, 16" chain.

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